Designing team uniforms for baseball can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s important to remember that there is more to consider than just the colors and logos. Working with an experienced company that provides screen printing and embroidery services is essential. These professionals can help you flush out the details of your uniform design.


Over 10 billion people worldwide play baseball. If you want to ensure your team has a great time playing this iconic sport, the proper uniforms are necessary.


As you start the process of designing baseball uniforms in Merritt Islands, FL, be sure to consider these factors.

Consider What Color Scheme You Want To Use

Choosing the right color scheme for team uniforms is important, as it helps to define team identity. While there may be no wrong answer regarding team colors, team members should be able to recognize their team at a glance. When it comes to picking out team colors, consider both the traditional team colors as well as team history.

Incorporate Easy To Read Player Numbers

When it comes to team uniforms, player numbers are also essential. Player numbers should be easily seen from a distance to identify team members without confusion. It’s vital to choose a font and size that can be read quickly.


Additionally, a team logo should be included on the back of the uniform so players can quickly identify team members on the field. Instead of trying to choose the right number font alone, you need to let screen printing professionals assist you. With their help, you will have no problem selecting the best design for your team uniforms in Merritt Island, FL.

Select The Right Jersey Fabric

Fabric and durability are important factors to consider when choosing team uniforms in Merritt Island, FL. A fabric with a higher thread count will provide team members with a more durable uniform that can withstand frequent wear during practices and games.


For example, team uniforms made of interlock knit or double knit fabrics are excellent options, as they are lightweight and highly breathable.


Team uniforms should also be designed to handle frequent washings without fading or shrinking. It’s a good idea to look for fabrics resistant to fading, shrinking and moisture.

Use Team Logos and Mascots In the Uniform Design

Incorporating team logos or mascots into team uniform designs is integral to team identity. Adding team logos and mascots to team uniforms helps players easily recognize their team and stand out from other teams. Team logos can be anything from a simple graphic design to the team’s full name and mascot.


When it comes to team mascot designs, consider incorporating vibrant colors and bold patterns. Team logos can also be customized with team members’ names or numbers on the back of jerseys.

Consider Sleeve Length

You should also consider sleeve length, style, and cut when designing baseball team uniforms in Merritt Island, FL. The most comfortable team uniforms fit perfectly and provide full range of motion. A team may choose between short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts based on preference and weather conditions.

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