For school clubs, customizing a t-shirt is one of the best ways to show school spirit and club pride. Students who are members of school clubs wear their club t-shirts as a designation of their membership and for promotion of their club. Creating a club shirt benefits school personnel, club leaders, and volunteers who help with activities on and off campus. 


Whether you are starting a new school club and need to design a club t-shirt from scratch or update a current club shirt design, here are six tips for planning a customized shirt to let students represent your club with pride.


1) Consider The Club’s Theme

The theme of your school club is central to planning a design for its t-shirt. Consider what symbols and colors work best to promote the club’s theme and use them in your t-shirt design. If your club has more than one theme, choose what it is best known for to ensure the design is easily recognizable as representing your club.


2) Use Colors To Your Advantage

Most custom t-shirt screen printing companies price orders based on a certain number of colors used in the design. Use colors strategically to design your club t-shirt to make the best plan possible. It doesn’t take a lot of different colors to create a stand-out club t-shirt. Consider playing off of light colors and dark colors for visual impact. You may also use the color of the shirt itself to play into the club design you create.


3) Choose Text Fonts Wisely

Not all text fonts translate well onto t-shirts. The fonts you choose for your club t-shirt should be easy to read. Ensure your text is not too small or dense and the font style is bold enough to be read from a distance.


4) Keep The Shirt Design Simple

Keep in mind that you will not be able to make everyone happy by including all their ideas in your school club t-shirt design. Too many options may lead to a busy and overcrowded design that doesn’t reflect your club in the best light. Designs should be simple and easy to distinguish. Before you finalize your plan, consider the sizes of shirts that will be printed to ensure your design fits well in those spaces.


5) Size And Material Of The T-Shirt

Your club members need to be comfortable in their shirts, make sure you consult with your customized design and printing company about the best t-shirt materials for your needs. Also, think about the sizes of shirts you need for your club members and how that may affect pricing and printing options when choosing shirts to customize. 


6) Be Creative With Your Club T-Shirt Design

When designing your school club t-shirt, be creative and bold. The shirt will represent your club and its members, so make sure it stands out and is engaging. You want people to notice your group and ask questions about your club, so make your shirt design unique and fun.


Final Thoughts

When planning your school club t-shirt, consider these tips to ensure you are satisfied with the final product.